Kodak VISION3 250D – 35mm/36exp. Hand-Rolled Film!


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After much work testing and developing, (as well as the recent opening of ECN-2 lab services from Downtown Camera and others) I’m happy to be able to offer Kodak Vision3 250D 36-exposure Cine ECN-2 process film for sale!

This film is bulk rolled down from cinema reels & shortends for use in 35mm stills cameras. The remjet layer is still present, so unlike Cinestill film, it does not suffer from red halations and has better sharpness & grain detail. It’s compatible with any manual 35mm camera, though does require either ECN-2 processing or C-41 cross-processing with an alkaline prewash. In my experience, it is best shot at box speed, as overexposure can cause a colour shift.

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