35mm Canister Keychains


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A fun little way to upcycle film extras! Great for key rings, bag zipper pulls, and more– a perfect stocking stuffer too!

The keyrings are attached by punching through the metal of the casing rather than the plastic top, making them much more secure & better quality. Canister attached to a 1-inch, nickel-plated split key ring, and 1-inch link connector.

Can be made from any canister or film type of your choosing– let me know which type you’d like. (Unspecified will be chosen randomly. If I cannot source a canister for your type I will get in touch.)



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Film Type

Kodak Gold 200 Keychain, Kodak Ultramax 400 Keychain, Kodak Portra 160 Keychain, Kodak Portra 400 Keychain, Kodak Portra 800 Keychain, Kodak Tri-X Keychain, Kodak TMAX Keychain, Kodak Ektar Keychain, Cinestill 50D Keychain, Cinestill 800T Keychain, Fuji Acros Keychain, Fuji Pro400H Keychain, Fuji Superia Keychain, Ilford Delta Keychain, Ilford FP4 Keychain, Ilford HP5 Keychain, Ilford Ortho Keychain, Ilford Pan-F Keychain, Ilford XP2 Keychain, Kentmere Pan 400 Keychain (Purple), Other (please contact)