Canon EOS 650 35mm SLR


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Released in 1987, the EOS 650 was Canon’s first Autofocus camera, paving the way for their EOS EF system. A direct line can be drawn from here to the 5D series of today. Even as the first camera to use the EF lens system, it’s compatible with nearly all modern EF glass, meaning that you can share modern Canon lenses with this camera and take advantage of the superior quality of most modern lenses on a film medium. As such, it’s been my go-to for 35mm work when I needed to ensure the best & most reliable results possible.

Key features: Autofocus, PASM modes, EF lens compatibility, exceptional viewfinder.
Compatibility: Modern Canon EF mount
Battery:  1 x 2CR5
Condition: Overall great condition. All features function as expected.
Included: Battery, body cap, Canon strap.


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