Canon T90 Body


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“The Canon T90, introduced in 1986, was the top of the line in Canon’s T series of 35mm SLRs and is still today regarded as the most advanced manual-focus camera ever made. It was the last professional-level manual-focus camera from Canon, and the last professional camera to use the Canon FD lens mount. The T90 pioneered many concepts seen in high-end Canon cameras up to the present day, particularly the user interface, industrial design, and the high level of automation.

Due to its ruggedness, the T90 was nicknamed “the tank” by photojournalists. Many have still rated it highly even 35+ years after its introduction. The camera has three metering systems to suit diverse shooting conditions. Eight auto-exposure modes and two manual exposure modes also make the camera highly versatile.”

Key features: 8 different AE shooting modes, 4.5 fps shooting, 1/4000s max shutter speed, Composite SPC for TTL full-aperture metering…  and so much more!
Compatibility: Canon FD lenses
Batteries: 4 x AA Batteries (not included due to shipping weight & restrictions)
Condition: Great condition, all functions working properly.
Included: Canon T90 Body, Canon neck strap (not pictured).


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