“Going With the Grain” Hardcover Book (Pre-Order)


Available Late-Spring 2022

78 available for pre-ordering



Hi all! I’m so excited to have my first photobook available for pre-order! “Going With the Grain: The Beauty and History of Analogue Photographic Equipment” is a 120-page, 8.5×11″ hardcover book jam-packed with high-quality pictures, history, anecdotes, sample images & more of a sampling of iconic analogue cameras.

Since this is a pre-order, please read carefully:

I’m opening pre-orders now ahead of the final step before printing. Expected delivery Late-Spring 2022 (later this season). The specific date has been set to May 30 for technical reasons, but this may be adjusted (you will be notified if this changes). In any case, you won’t be charged until your copy physically ships. It just really helps me to consolidate everyone who has told me they’d like a copy into one list :). I plan for an initial run of 100 copies, but if demand here proves larger, I can increase this. The images shown are of a real physical sample copy from the printer.

This project is a product of over a year of buying and selling interesting cameras to document. This book initially came from this very business of buying and selling analogue cameras. For each, I’d take a handful of nice pictures and write up a little blurb. I started arranging some of these into a small zine, however it quickly grew to a much larger passion project about the beauty and history of these tools. Any iconic cameras you think are missing? This version ended up having to be shortened for publication, but who knows, maybe there’s a Volume Two in the future!

Thank you so much to everyone for their support in making this dream project a reality!