Iloca Photrix 35mm Camera



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The Iloca Photrix camera was manufactured by the Iloca camera company of Hamburg, Germany in circa 1957. This 35mm camera was constructed with a die-cast metal body, satin trim and leather covering. It was fitted with a Cassar S f2.8 50 mm lens with a Prontor-SVS shutter providing speeds of 1 to 1/200th of a second. Other features included a rangefinder and flash mount with built-in flash synchronization.

I have fully torn down, repaired, restored and reconstructed this camera. Probably way more effort than it’s worth (took like 5 days man) but these prontor/copal shutter cameras are always so much fun to work with. Btw the picture here was from before any restoration.

Key features: True rangefinder focusing, compact size, classic metal build, full manual control, no batteries needed.
Compatibility: 1/4 20 tripod mount, cable shutter release. cold shoe.
Battery: N/A
Condition: Overall good, I spent way too long restoring this camera.
Included: N/A