Kodak Tourist 6×9 620 Medium Format




The Kodak Tourists were the last in a long line of American-made folding roll film cameras from Eastman Kodak. The original Tourist series was introduced in 1948 and production continued through may of 1951. The Tourist uses 620 film, making eight 6×9 cm exposures per roll. 620 film has all the same dimensions as 120, though on a smaller central spool. You can purchase pre-respooled 620 film or carefully respool a 120 roll onto the included 620 spool yourself in a dark setting.

This camera is an affordable way to get a sharp image in a huge negative size.

Key features: Folding design, aesthetic build, huge negative size.
Compatibility: 1/4 20 standard tripod mount, Kodak bulb flash connector.
Batteries: N/A
Condition: Overall good for the age, bellows & seals intact, all shutter speeds working. Film tested.
Included: Camera, Anaston 105mm f/6.3 semi-interchangeable lens, 2 x 620 Spools