Konica Autoreflex A + Hexanon AR 52mm f/1.8 EE Lens


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This is one of the best condition cameras I have, especially for its age, being introduced in 1965. The finish & function all around is flawless. Additionally, this camera has one of the most satisfying shutters and winding of any camera I’ve ever used. Includes original half-case and ever-ready cover (not pictured).

Key features: Shutter-priority auto exposure, full manual control, incredibly satisfying operation (best shutter sound/feel)
Compatibility: Konica AR mount lenses
Batteries: 2 x LR44 ✓
Condition: Mint.
Included: Konica Autoreflex A, Konica Hexanon AR 52mm f/1.8 EE Lens, batteries, ever-ready case (two-piece) and strap included.


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