Leica M3 Double-Stroke + Summicron 50mm f2 Dual Range Lens & More

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Introduced in 1954 as the start to their M-series, Leica’s M3 is the classic camera, sought-after by collectors. This unit (№857381) made in Wetzlar in 1956 is an early enough production to be of the double-stroke type, but still features both self-timer and frame line selector levers. The Leica M3 also features the longest effective base length out of any 35mm rangefinder, meaning this camera has the most easy & accurate focusing out of any manual camera.

This camera is paired with its original 50mm Sumicron Dual-Range lens (along with the respective goggles and case), as well as accessories like the Leicameter MC coupled meter attachment (still fully working & accurate) and the incident-metering attachment and case. Also included are all the original manuals for the camera and the meter, the original leather ever-ready case, and quite uniquely the original customs & imports documentation from when the camera was brought into Canada from Germany.

Key features: Fully mechanical camera; 0.95x rangefinder; 50mm/90mm/135mm framelines; 63mm effective base length, battery-free metering with the Leicameter MC
Compatibility: Leica M Lenses, Leicameter MC (included)
Batteries: N/A
Condition: Overall 9/10, see pictures/inquire for more details. Leicameter MC is still fully running & accurate.
Included: Leica M3, Leica Summicron 50mm f2 Dual Range, Close-Focus Goggles, Leicameter MC, MC Incident Meter Attachment, Original Leather Case, Original Manuals, Original Import/Customs Documentation.