Mamiya C330 + 80mm Blue Dot




The Mamiya C330 is a medium format twin-lens reflex camera with a unique set of functional features. Its modular design – unique for a TLR – allows for interchangeable lenses, including the coveted 80mm ‘Blue Dot’. In addition, it offers bellows focusing down to macro ranges, with an inbuilt system to show you your framing/offset from the viewing lens. To those in the know, I’ve often cited the analogy “the Rolleiflex is to the C300 as the Hasselblad is to the RB67”. So, while a little larger than some other TLR’s out there, this camera offers some of the greatest usability of the category with stelar image quality to boot.

Key features: Interchangeable lenses and viewfinders, bellows focusing, macro focusing range, framing/parallax correction, multi-exposure option.
Batteries: N/A
Condition: Overall condition and function is great, almost no wear for a 50 year-old camera. Shutter speeds accurate, small indentation in the top of the bellows (see pictures), but no light leaks/or other issues caused by this. Additionally, the shutter lock switch has been glued in the unlocked position – evidently a previous owner was frustrated with finding the shutter locked.
Included: Mamiya C330 camera, 80mm f/2.8 ‘Blue-Dot’ lens, waist-level viewfinder, standard focus screen.