Mamiya Six IV Folder Medium Format Rangefinder




Introduced in 1947 and manufactured through 1955, the Mamiya Six IV has a unique place in history as it sits right on the overlap of so many technologies. It has a folding design yet has semi-interchangeable lenses; coupled rangefinder focusing yet decoupled shutter and winding. This unit has the Sekor 75mm f/3.5 lens variant. Incredibly uniquely, this model uses focal-plane-focusing, where instead of moving the lens, the entire film plane is moved in and out with a plate to focus. This circumvents the need for a complex and delicate lens coupling. This model can also shoot 645 with the flip of a few switches. It offers its huge 6×6 negative size in such a small folded footprint, which fits in my back jeans pocket. Lastly, it still has its original leatherette front plate, which unusually is misprinted and stamped in reverse. I’m not sure if that adds to the value or not but it certainly makes it a rare unit.

Key features: Rangefinder-overlay focusing, both 6×6 and 645 shooting options, folding design with quick release– pocket-sized medium format!
Compatibility: 1/4 20 standard tripod mount, cold shoe, mechanical shutter release port.
Batteries: N/A
Condition: Overall good, beginnings of some minor leatherette lifting on the body, wear but no scratches & bellows in good shape. Lens & viewfinder optics are clear. CLA’d and rebuilt the Copal shutter mechanism in the lens, All shutter speeds working. Known issue: flash sync port on the fritz.
Included: Camera, Sekor 75mm f/3.5 semi-interchangable lens, 1 x 120 Spool