Minolta SR-T 201 + 45mm F/2.0 Lens



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I would venture to call this camera the perfect introduction to analogue photography. The full manual control forces you to learn exposure, and the classic match-needle light meter is the perfect balance of intuitive and challenging to learn with.

Beginning development in the mid-1960s, Minolta’s SR-T line was a jump forwards for the company and created lasting impressions for the brand. Namely, the introduction of a match-needle through-the-lens CLC light metering system that worked with the lens wide open for a bright viewfinder made these cameras a breeze to use from day one. The SR-T 201 was marketed as a consumer-oriented model in the line, introduced in 1975 and sold through the early 80s.

Key features: Fully mechanical camera, dual-cell CLC light metering, self timer, locking DOF preview lever.
Compatibility: Minolta MD mount
Batteries: 1 x PX625 cell (for meter only).
Condition: Overall good condition, minimal wear, light meter working.
Included: Minolta SR-T 201 body, MD 45mm F/2.0 lens, 1 x PX625 battery.


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