Nikon F3HP + MD-4 Motor Drive

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To many, the Nikon F3 represents the absolute pinnacle of all manual 35mm SLR cameras, still considered today as some of the company’s finest work. With every feature you could want on-board, and every feature you could even imagine available through an expansive system of modular add-on components, the F3 truly does have it all. This is further evidenced by being Nikon’s longest-running production – this same camera was produced right up through 2001 – over 21 years from its original 1980 release. It also holds a place in the company’s history as their final manual camera, surviving to be offered alongside the automatic F4 and F5 for the latter 13 and 5 years of its production receptively. The F3 owes it’s styling to Italian designer Giorgetto Giugiaro, an automotive designer with an extensive career in supercars and everyday vehicles alike. From his work on the camera came the signature red stripe around the grip, which is still carried through on Nikon’s cameras today.

I have this item available with several Nikkor f/2 lenses.

Key features: Full manual control, Aperture-Priority automatic exposure control, Electronic vertical-plane shutter with mechanical release, 1/80th mechanical speed, Viewfinder with 100% picture coverage, TTL flash control with Nikon Speedlights & more
Compatibility: Nikon F mount lenses, Accepts the MD-4 Motor Drive (included), Complete interchangeability of five finders, 22 focusing screens and camera backs including the MF-14 Data Back, MF-18 Data Back and the MF-6B Camera Back
Batteries: F3 Body: 2 x LR44 (included); MD-4 Motor Drive: 8 x AA (not included)
Condition: F3: Great condition film tested. MD-4: good/average condition tested working.
Included: Nikon F3, DE-3 (HP) Viewfinder, Nikon MD-4 Motor Drive, Several Nikkor f/2 lenses (please contact).


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