Pentax 6×7 MLU w/ TTL Meter Prism + 4-Lens Kit


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Are you a photographer looking for a reliable and high-quality camera that can help you take your photos to the next level? Look no further than the Pentax 6×7 MLU! This versatile camera is built like a tank while maintaining a familiar SLR form factor. The large 6×7 format allows for exceptional detail and resolution in your images, and the mirror lock-up feature helps to reduce camera shake for even sharper results. This kit includes the TTL Meter Prism Finder and a wide range of lenses, allowing you to choose the perfect focal length for any subject. Whether you are a professional photographer or a passionate hobbyist, the Pentax 6×7 MLU is a camera that you can rely on to help you create beautiful photos.

Key features: Leaf shutter in lens, bellow focusing, waist-level viewfinder, interchangeable film backs, modular design.
Batteries: 1 x 4LR44/A544 6V cell (included)
Condition: Overall great for a Pentax 6×7 of its age, some small brassing on the bottom corners. Some slight takumar-yellowing on the 105mm. All functioning perfectly.
Included: -Pentax 6×7 MLU Body
-TTL Meter Prism Finder (fully working)
-Takumar 105mm F/2.4 (the real star of the show)
-Super Takumar 6×7 55mm F3.5
-Macro Takumar 6×7 135mm F4
-Super Takumar 6×7 300mm F4
-body cap
-original strap
-LR44 battery
-bonus large Lowepro case (not pictured)


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Lens options

With 105mm F2.5 (one lens), With all four lenses