Polaroid Sonar OneStep SX-70 SLR Autofocus




This camera offers everything you could ask for in a Polaroid- A sonar autofocus system that’s snappy and works in any lighting,  an SLR viewfinder which shows you the real framing & focus you’re getting, and all in a folding form factor which is a feat of engineering in itself. In addition, with the large area of the polaroid frame, the 116 mm f/8 lens roughly works out to a 35mm equivalent of a 45mm f/2.8, enabling a shallow depth of field shots right onto your polaroids. This type of camera is one of my favoutires to bring to events– the folding mechanism turns heads and you just can’t beat the images!

Key features: Sonar autofocus, folding design, SLR optical viewfinder, manual focus, shallow depth of field, exposure compensation
Compatibility: 1/4 20 Standard Tripod Mount
Batteries: N/A, located in the film cartridge.
Condition: This camera opens, shoots, and functions well however it can pop open when closed. Overall fair aesthetic condition, some wear on the leatherette. Film tested & all works well.
Included: Camera, macro lens attachment set.