Mamiya RB67 Pro-S + Sekor 180mm f/4.5 Portrait Lens




Mamiya RB67 Pro-S with the beautiful Sekor 180mm. An absolute portrait machine. I got this camera in rough shape and fixed it up, and am proud to say it is running perfectly!

Mamiya’s RB67 Professional system is a series of modular 6×7 medium-format reflex cameras, popular with studio photographers. “RB” stands for “rotating back”- a creative solution for changing the image aspect orientation. This style of studio camera not originally designed to be handheld, and this enabled a portrait aspect without turning the whole camera. The camera also features the unique combination of a leaf shutter, SLR mirror, and bellows focusing all within it’s modular design.

The waist-level viewfinder on this camera is among the biggest & clearest out of any, and I can say that through my time with it I don’t think I ever once missed focus.

The RB67 is a great option for your first 120 or studio professionals alike, easy focusing, beautiful image rendition, and basically indestructible build.

Key features: Leaf shutter in lens, bellow focusing, waist-level viewfinder, modular design.
Compatibility: Mamiya RB Lenses, Mamiya Pro-S Backs, interchangeable viewfinders, focusing screens, grips and more
Batteries: N/A
Condition: Overall functioning perfectly, light seals recently replaced. Beginnings of some minor wear & tear externally. Focusing screen recently serviced.
Included: Mamiya RB67 Pro-S Body, Sekor 180mm f/4.5 C Portrait Lens, 1 x Pro-S 120 Film Back, Focusing screen, Waist-level viewfinder, Left side grip (not pictured).