Zenit EM 35mm SLR



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The Russian Zenit EM 35mm SLR was part of a long-running series of Zenit cameras and was an upgraded version of the Zenit E, adding automatic diaphragm stop-down with appropriate M42 lenses and a shutter release separated from the winding lever/film counter. Produced between 1972-1984 by KMZ. The EM was also sold by Kalimar as the SR300 and badged as the Cosmorex SE. It was available in both black and chrome finish.

Key features: Full manual control, decoupled selenium cell light meter– no batteries required, self-timer, super cool winding dials!
Compatibility: M42 Screw-Mount Lenses
Batteries: N/A, selenium cell meter
Condition: Used condition, minor leatherette peel on front. Meter still works.
Included: Camera strap included.

Camera strap included.