Amon Carpenter EP Cover Art

Amon Carpenter is a singer songwriter and producer working out of Toronto. Formally trained in music composition and film scoring, utilising them to experiment melodically with his voice and songwriting. Combining genres like electronic pop, Indie, alternative R&B, emo pop, Amon has written, recorded, performed and produced all of his songs. At the same time, collaborating with other artists to merge different lyrical styles and come up with new sounds.

This shoot set out with the goal of two specifically planned compositions, a “light” shot with flowers on a pastel pink or green background, and a moodier dramatic “dark” shot featuring a jungle-like density of foliage . Each serves to a different aspect of the artist’s music, where different covers may be used for different releases.

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“More Than Your List” Project Proposal

Project Proposal: Mental Health Photo Series A series of 8-12 subject-driven studio portraits where a list of mental health or other struggles that the subject has faced are listed, physically written on their body. The series presents two main messages. The first is to display to others who may be struggling in silence, or just now learning how to express their difficulties, that they are not alone. The second is to show via the contrast of a blatant list, that the subject, and as such the viewer, is so much more than the list of their struggles.

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Humans of WTCS

In my last week of high school, I wanted to capture the final experience of some of those who defined my own experience over the years. Inspired by Humans of New York (as many are), I set out to capture this through photography and interview.

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